Spirit of Washington DC Cruise Route

Your Spirit cruise departs from Pier 4 at 6th and Water Streets in southwest Washington DC. Your excursion covers the Potomac River with fascinating views of America's great landmarks and Washington DC's historic waterfront. No trip to Washington DC is complete without a view from the deck of our festive ship. And while you're enjoying all the highlights, you can dine, dance and have a great time, too.

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National War College

The National War College (NWC) of the United States is a school in the National Defense University. Most mid-level and senior military officers study at the NWC in preparation for higher positions.


Fort Lesley J. McNair

This military reservation was established in 1791 on about 28 acres at the tip of Greenleaf Point. Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant included it in his plans for Washington, the Federal City, as a major site for the defense of the capital.


Defense Intelligence Agency

Located on Bolling Air Force Base, the Defense Intelligence Agency is the central producer and manager of military intelligence for the United States Department of Defense.


US Naval Research Laboratory

The US Naval Research Lab celebrated its 75th Anniversary in June, 1998. This Lab is significant for the accidental discovery of radar when ships got in the way during radio signal experiments between the lab and Hains Point in the 1920s.


Woodrow Wilson Bridge

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge is the only active drawbridge on the Potomac at this time. It’s the southernmost of 7 crossings of the Potomac in DC and the last bridge for approximately 50 miles downriver.


National Harbor

A 300-acre multi-use waterfront development with a convention center, six hotels, restaurants, shops and condominiums.


Gaylord Hotel

Opened on April 1, 2008, has 2,000 rooms and a 470,000 square foot convention center. It’s the largest non-gaming hotel and convention center on the eastern seaboard.


Old Town Alexandria

Founded in the early 1700s when a small tobacco warehouse on the waterfront spawned a small settlement.


George Washington Masonic Temple

This memorial was based on the design of the ancient lighthouse in Alexandria, Egypt, which was one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. It stands at 333 feet and features an outstanding collection of Washington Memorabilia.


Reagan National Airport

As one of the busiest airports in the US, it averages one flight every 30 seconds at peak periods — that’s about 900 flights on a busy day. Despite this, it’s one of the safest airports in the US.


Washington Monument

Built to commemorate George Washington, this 555 feet high obelisk is the tallest free standing stone structure in the world.


United States Capitol

The meeting place of the United States Congress, the legislature of the federal government of the United States.


Jefferson Memorial

Dedicated on April 13, 1943, the 200th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birth. While its shape is an obvious nod to the Pantheon of Rome, it also mirrors the University of Virginia rotunda, a structure designed by Jefferson himself.

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