Spirit of Philadelphia Cruise Route

Your Spirit cruise departs from Penn's Landing where Columbus Boulevard meets Lombard Circle. Your excursion covers the Delaware River with spectacular views of the Philadelphia and Camden skylines. No trip to Philadelphia is complete without a view from the deck of our festive ship. And while you're enjoying all the highlights, you can dine, dance and have a great time, too.

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Penn's Landing

History says this is where William Penn, Philadelphia's founder, first touched ground. Today, Penn's Landing serves as the dock for Spirit of Philadelphia and a riverside park.


Shot Tower

It looks like a smoke stack with a lid on top, but it's really America's first shot tower built in 1808. Shot towers revolutionized the making of musket balls and other solid projectiles.


Old Swedes' Church

This church hosts the oldest, active congregation in the country. Ships used to guide themselves into Philadelphia's ports using the steeples of Old Swedes' Church and Christ Church. It was founded in 1643 and is presently known as Gloria Dei Church.


Philadelphia Skyline

Be amazed at the transformation on the New Jersey side of the river, and on the Pennsylvania side, amidst all the new tall buildings, look for William "Billy" Penn who still stands on top of City Hall.


Sports Complex

Used for sporting events and concerts, this large facility is comprised of 4 large stadiums and is home to the 76ers Basketball, Flyers Hockey, Philadelphia Eagles Football and Phillies Baseball Teams.


Naval Shipyard

The Philadelphia Naval Shipyard was an important naval shipyard for the United States for almost two centuries. It ceased operations on September 27, 1996. Many decommissioned ships are still docked there to view.


Red Bank Battlefield

This historic location was home to Fort Mercer which was built during the Revolutionary War as a defense for the city of Philadelphia. The Battle of Red Bank provided a morale builder to George Washington's army.


Walt Whitman Bridge

The Walt Whitman Bridge is named after Philadelphia's famous poet and boasts a 2,000-foot span. It was opened to traffic in 1957 and connects Philadelphia to Gloucester City, NJ.


Adventure Aquarium

Located in Camden, NJ, the aquarium features over 1500 fabulous fish and sea life in a 760,000 gallon open ocean tank, one of the largest in America.


USS Becuna

The Sub Becuna was commissioned in 1944 to serve as the submarine flagship of the Southwest Pacific Fleet under General Douglas MacArthur and destroyed thousands of enemy ships.



The Gazela, the naval ambassador of Philadelphia, is a 177-foot- long square-rigged vessel built in 1883. In her first incarnation, she was a Portuguese fishing boat. And she was the oldest tall ship participating in the 1976 OpSail Tall Ship Festival.


Ben Franklin Bridge

The Ben Franklin Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the United States when it opened in July 1926, and remains one of the longest bridges in the country to this day.


Christ Church

Christ Church is one of America's most historic shrines, and the church of our nation's founding fathers. The church's steeple, at 196-feet high, is a visible landmark from many parts of the city and is referred to as the "200-foot steeple" by guides.


Flagship Olympia

The Flagship Olympia is the oldest steel-hulled American warship afloat and served as Commodore George Dewey's flagship during the battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898.

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